Working with the Developer  – What Sunbelt Needs to Know to Evaluate the Project for EB-5

The Sunbelt Process starts by us getting to know your business, the owners, your experience and track record with the type of Project you are seeking to grow, and the purposes for which you believe the use of EB-5 financing can play a role in the capital stack to bring an overall financially viable Project to market.  Sunbelt will want to understand your capital structure and other critical financial information (e.g., pro forma business plans and proposed use of the EB-5 Loan proceeds) for the project in which the EB-5 proceeds will be used. Once we have the required financial and other information, we will make a determination if your project is qualified for an investment within the EB-5 Program and Sunbelt is willing to be the Sponsor.  An Economist will prepare an econometric study to predict the number of jobs to be created based on the independent budgets you provide to us. This will then guide us on the amount of money that may be loaned under the EB-5 Program.  Examples of some of the documents we will need to review are:

      • Project Description
      • Location of Proposed Project  (Address and if applicable Census Tract)
      • Business Plan
      • Overall Project Costs
      • Sources & Uses of Funds (including an Estimate of EB-5 Funding)
      • Financial Feasibility Study
      • Market Analysis
      • A full description of the target market and competition
      • A five year Pro Forma of the Project
      • Your Business organization structure and key personnel
      • The Projects architects, general contractor, and all others involved in the Project
      • A construction timeline
      • Signed Commitments from other Primary financing sources
      • Security for EB-5 loan
      • Describe how EB-5 loan can be repaid at five year maturity
      • Support letters if any from others for the Project
      • Any other materials Sunbelt or the Economist Requires to properly evaluate the Project for potential EB-5 funding
      • We look forward to working with you and your Project – Please Contact Us

    Sunbelt EB-5 Sponsored Project – Sunbelt’s Responsibility to Our EB-5 Investor Partners

    The Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center investment process is disciplined and thorough; we only select businesses and partners to work with EB-5 funding  that we determine to have outstanding track records.

    As part of our responsibility to our EB-5 Foreign Investors, we perform the following services:

        • Sunbelt performs a through and rigorous evaluation of whether a Sunbelt Sponsored Project will satisfy the EB-5 Program requirements
        • Sunbelt will determine if the Project will be a credible Project and sound investment for marketing and attracting qualified EB-5 Foreign Investors
        • Sunbelt will prepare detailed and compliant business plans and econometric studies to comply with the USCIS EB-5 Program requirements
        • Sunbelt will determine if the Project will qualify for the $500,000 EB-5 investor by obtaining certification that the Project is in a location that qualifies it as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)
        • Sunbelt will determine if the Project meets the job creation requirements of the EB-5 Program and how much additional cushion is available within the Economist Report
        • Sunbelt will work with investor sourcing groups to pool the agreed upon EB-5 capital investment in the New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) that qualifies for the New Project
        • Sunbelt will establish the appropriate legal entities to pool the EB-5 investor funds and an affiliate of Sunbelt will become the General Partner and manage the Limited Partnership
        • Sunbelt working with Immigration Counsel will assist the EB-5 Foreign Investor in all aspects of the EB-5 Program
        • Sunbelt will manage the day-to-day operations of the NCE that will make the loan to the Job Creating Entity (JCE) and Project with the pooled EB-5 investors capital and will take all steps necessary to support and assist the EB-5 investor’s Petition filed with USCIS for the EB-5 Visa
        • Sunbelt will report to USCIS on a periodic basis all activities of the EB-5 Regional Center and it’s Sponsored Projects