More About What Sunbelt EB-5 Does


Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center Overview

Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center, LLC is an approval EB-5 Regional Center by USCIS. It operates under the Immigrant Investor Program, EB-5 category to encourage foreign investment in the U.S. economy.  As such, Sunbelt manages all aspects of the operations of the Regional Center within the geographical service area which it has been designated. 

A Brief  Summary of what Sunbelt Does to initially agree to be the Sponsor of a Project and source EB-5 funding is outlined below:

    • Sunbelt markets to developers / owners of viable growth Projects through it’s EB-5 Regional Center
    • Sunbelt seeks financially feasible growth projects which need additional low cost capital to complete the Projects capital stack for new construction or expansion of  existing businesses
    • Sunbelt can typically assist growth business with 30% to 50% of the overall capital stack of new construction projects
    • The Sunbelt  process in working with the developer / owner  is outlined in the Developer Section of our website
    • Sunbelt will structure financing arrangements  through a New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) – a new Sunbelt affiliated Limited Partnership
    • Sunbelt will pool qualified EB-5 investors capital monies at $500,000 each within a TEA within the Limited Partnership making the foreign investor a Limited Partner of said Partnership
    • A Sunbelt affiliate will act as the General Partner of the new Partnership and NCE
    • Generally, the Partnership will make a 5 year interest only loan to the Project
    • In EB-5 terms, the Sunbelt sponsored Project will be known as the Job Creating Entity (JCE) where a minimum of 10 new American jobs will be created per investor
    • There will normally be one legal agreement between the Project and Limited Partnership – that being a Loan Agreement ( There may also be a Note associated with such agreement and depending on the risk and to successfully market the Project a Corporate Guaranty Agreement)
    • Sunbelt will manage all aspects of the NCE that makes the loan from the EB-5 pooled capital investments and assist in the qualified EB-5 investor Petitions being filed with the USCIS 
    • Sunbelt will monitor activities of the Project/ JCE where the EB-5 loan has been made to ashure continuing complain under all aspects of the EB-5 Program
    • Sunbelt will maintain appropriate financial and other records compiling with all USCIS policies and regulations
    • Sunbelt will file periodic required reports with USCIS on all activities of the Regional Center and it’s Sponsored Projects