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Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center was designated by USCIS as an Approved EB-5 Regional Center on March 25, 2011. Sunbelt later requested and received an Amendment November 7, 2012 to expand it’s industry focus sectors. Sunbelt has been approved for 4 additional amendments since for additional focus areas and the expansion of it’s geographical area into 23 counties into Mississippi. Sunbelt EB-5 has a Geographical Area approval which spans the entire State of Alabama and it’s 67 Counties and 23 Counties into the State of Mississippi.  The industry sectors Sunbelt has been approved for are Healthcare, Steel Manufacturing, Construction of Buildings, Hospitality Industry, and more . See the 5 USCIS Expansion Approval Letters below. We also have the ability to work with other EB-5 Approved Centers to do Projects in other Industry Sectors and Surrounding States.

Sunbelt Designation 03-25-2011

Sunbelt Designation 03/25/2011

Sunbelt Amend 11-07-2012 JPEG

Sunbelt Expansion 11/07/2012

07:15:2013 Sunbelt Expansion JPEG

Sunbelt Expansion 07/15/2013

USCIS Approval MS Expansion - 23 Counties LARGE

Sunbelt Expansion 08/06/2013

Sunbelt Expansion 06/27/2016

Sunbelt Expansion 12/01/2016